Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Journalism Day

    29 January is celebrated as 'Journalism Day' in India. On this very great day on which Journalism started inIndia as Newspaper,we should remember the person behind this. He was James Augustus Hicky who started the first Newspaper 'The Bengal Gazette'  in India on 29 January 1780. In that memory 29 January is celebrated as 'Journalism Day' in India.
   Hicky had an Idea on which he worked and planned to publish such a paper by which he can expose what is going on in society. His purpose of starting the newspaper was not very great but his Idea was really great.
Gazett was smaller in size compared to current newspapers.It was twelve inches in lenght and seven inches in breadth.It had only two sheets with three columns on each page.The circulation of newspaper was limited.It gave space to scandalous stories.Simuntanesly Gazett was also a tool to raise voice against the unlawful exercises of British Officers.Hicky irked Warren Hastings so much that a case of defametion was filed against Hicky and he was imprisoned, after that many other cases were filed against him.In last he was banished and died in mysterious situations.
 Today Indian Journalism has developed very well.We are second largest market in the world for Newspapers.So we should give tribute to the man who started the first newspaper in India.He dared to do something different and made a very large difference.He died but he left a very cultural heritage for Indian Journalism.He gave message that Journalists may be harrassed,attacked or imprisoned but journalism does not die. Hats off to Mr.James Augustus Hicky for giving us such a great heritage. Happy Journalism Day to all the democratic people of India.