Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Television Turns 50

15 September 1959 was the day when television broadcasting was done in India for the first time.Today on 15 September 2009 our very own and dear television has completed 50 years in India.The surprising thing is that there is not such big celebration on this wonderful day.Instead very few people know about this.The big "Media" which exists on Television has forgotten to give a tribute on its 50Th Birthday.
Some people has not forgot to wish the TV on its 50Th birthday.The four departments of Journalism in Ahmedabad Journalism and Mass communication Department and Audio Visual Depaartment-Gujarat Vidyapith,Journalism Department-Gujarat University,Center for communication Development-Gujarat University had celebrated the big day.A cycle rally was organised from Gujarat University to Gujarat Vidyapith.Then all students gathered at the studio of Gujarat Vidyapith.The Professors of Journalism,Known writer of Gujarat Chinu Modi, Dhimant Purohit from Aaj tak,Satish Mori from Voice of India were present at the occasion.An interesting and informative presentation on The history of television was done by Aswin Chauhan the pro of Journalism at Gujarat Vidyapith. All the present personalities have talked about Television and in the end Students interacted with them and among themselves. Thus the celebration of Television's 50th birthday completed.Happy Birthday to my dear Television.....


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