Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Beauty Of 'Life is Beautiful'

'La vie est belle' Its the title of an Italian movie.It has been dubbed in English as 'Life is beautiful'.If you think you are the most miserable creature on the Earth,your life has always cheated you and not given what you wanted.....Then see 'Life is beautiful' and you have to think again.
This movie was released in 1997,made by Roborto Beningi who is the director, co-writer and lead actor of the movie and his wife Nicoletta Braschi is lead actress of the movie.It depicts the era of 1939 t0 1944.It presents the backdrops of world war-2.The movie presents story of a Jew man Guido Orefic played by Roborto Beningi,his Italian wife Dora played by Nicoletta Braschi and their child Joshua played by Giorgio Cantarini .The first half of the movie is Romantic comedy and the second half shows the situation of concentration camps.
Hero of the movie lives the life of darkness at concentration camps but not loses his attitude.It shows how a person can live proudly in the worst situation of life when you can see death coming towards you.While seeing this movie you would feel tears in your eyes and smile on your face.It would give you the mantra of life.
The movie was nominated in 7 categories in Oscar Awards and won 3 the best actor,Best original dramatic score and best foreign language film.It was also shown at Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prize of Jury Award.It is really superb,mind-blowing and fantastic movie.Everyone should see this movie at least once.It will change your attitude towards life.It is one the best films I have ever seen.Really Life is beautiful just feel that beauty....


stylemaker said...

I am very happy. 2 reasons:
1. You wrote good review on this film and
2. You got the perfect message from the film - 'Positive attitude towards life'.
and r u sure, u have posted this at 1.07am?
If 'yes', very good.

PS: i haven't seen this film due to language problem.

DEEPMALA* said...

Likhane wali ki kalam na ruki
lekin dekh kar aapki aakhon me aasu ,
pta chal gya ki film kitni ahum hai aapke liye.

Sharath said...

'Life is Beautiful' needs a splendid review. I am glad you did it..
Keep doing it..

चंदन कुमार झा said...

Very nice review priyanka. Life is beautiful is one of my favourite movie. Your review is excellent just keep it up . Regards

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